Total Ministry

We believe that by virtue of our baptism, we are all called to ministry.

We have God-given gifts and talents which enable us to serve the Lord. Many of us are fortunate as adults to have careers which enable us to minister to God's people. Others of us practice our ministry within relationships with family, friends and neighbors. Some of us minister within the church.

At St. Patrick's we use the early church as a ministry model.

St. Paul helped establish churches by working with leaders who emerged naturally in the life of each budding Christian community.

Like the early Christians, our congregation identifies a team of leaders. This Ministry Support Team supports and encourages the ministries of all our members.

Team members are trained through the Diocese of Michigan Total Ministry Program, The Whitaker Institute, and The Seminary of the South School of Theology. Then they are commissioned and ordained by our bishop for ministry within this congregation.

St. Patrick's Commissioned Ministry Support Team

Barb Marshall: Outreach and Missions Minister

The Rev. Paul LeClair: Priest

The Rev. Linda Ferguson: Priest

Why We Call It Total Ministry

We are all called to ministry in the church, the world, our communities, and our families.

We give ourselves completely to God in Christ.

Every member of the congregation is enabled to recognize their call to ministry and empowered to serve in the church and to the needs of our world.

Recognizing and using our spiritual gifts enables each of us to grow spiritually and to become whole persons.

The team leadership model enables all of the needs of the congregation to be recognized and to be attended to efficiently and effectively.

Every commissioned member of the team receives an education that fulfills all of the canonical requirements for ordained ministry.

Our Ministers

All Members of St. Patrick’s:  Ministers in God’s beloved world!

Altar Guild: Edith Faircloth, Linda Ferguson

Baptisms, Funerals, Weddings: Linda Ferguson, Paul LeClair

Building Use: Marlene Stirnweis

Community Prayer Box: Barb Marshall

Evangelism and Welcoming: The Rev. Paul LeClair

Hospitality: Marlene Stirnweis

Missions and Outreach: Barb Marshall 

Music: Darnell Lynch, Lois Wiggins, Paul LeClair

Parish Treasurers:  Barb Cook and Greg Marshall 

Prayer Ministry: Barb Marshall

S.P.O.O.L Liaisons: Dave Carlson, Barb Marshall

Vestry Wardens: Donna Marshall, Marlene Stirnweis

Vestry members: Bev Bachor, Harold Thompson, Lois Wiggins, and Randy Young

Worship Leader Scheduling: Kay Carlson

Prayer and  Healing Ministry

Each Sunday, during our worship service, members of our prayer team are available to pray with individuals who are in need of healing for themselves or on behalf of others. We pray for physical healing as well as for relationships, employment situations, emotional issues and other needs.

Immediate prayer concerns may be sent through the parish prayer chain by calling: (248-842-6856).

Eucharistic Visitors

Some of our members are licensed as eucharistic visitors to bring Holy Communion to those who are unable to attend church on Sunday.

Please call Paul LeClair if you are ill or hospitalized (248-842-6856)

Webmaster: Paul LeClair