Come As You Really Are

Episcopal Church Michigan | St. Patricks    


Some of us like to dress up,

others prefer being casual.

No matter your age, your marital status,

who you love, where you live,

who your ancestors are, who you voted for,

or where you are on your spiritual journey ...

All Are Welcome!



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Our building is 100% handicap accessible and air conditioned.

St. Patrick’s is located near the border of Oakland County and Macomb County.

We're on the south side of 13 Mile Rd, between Dequindre Rd. and John R Rd.

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Resiliency Project: Commitment Statement

Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and other Interfaith Community and Faith Leaders are making this Commitment to be Resilient as a way to bring peace in these times of social and political tension:

I believe
that we are called to lift each other up,
that we are stronger standing together,
that our differences are a blessing,
that empathy and love reveal the path to peace,
and that justice will prevail,
because each of us is Beloved.

Therefore, I commit to
answer intolerance with goodwill,
live by faith and hope, not fear,
seek understanding and friendship whenever I can,
stand with those facing prejudice and injustice,
meet resistance with resiliency as I build the Beloved Community each day.

For the first time in the 29 year history of the Madison Heights Community Roundtable, a church was chosen as Corporation of the Year. St. Patrick's was given this award in recognition of our outreach to the local community, as well as our commitment to national and world endeavors.

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